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2018 CFA LEVEL 1 2 3 高清精华课程

Communicating core values and mission (三)

ACCA P3 考试:Communicating core values and mission (三)
Intel (a manufacturer of computer chips):
Our mission
This decade we will create and extend computing technology to connect and enrich the lives of every person on earth.
Our values
Customer orientation
Results orientation
Great place to work
Risk taking
ACCA's mission is to:
? provide opportunity and access to people of ability around the world and support our members throughout their careers in accounting, business and finance
? achieve and promote the highest professional, ethical and governance standards
? advance the public interest
? be a global leader in the profession.
ACCA's core values are:
? Opportunity: we provide opportunity, free from artificial barriers, to people around the world – whether students, members or employees and we support them in their careers.
? Diversity: we respect and value difference, embracing diversity in our people and in our output.
? Innovation: we create new and unexpected possibilities, providing innovative solutions for the future.
? Accountability: we accept individual and corporate responsibility for our actions, working together to deliver a quality service and to promote the best interests of our stakeholders.
? Integrity: we act ethically and work in the public interest, treating people fairly and honestly; we encourage the same from others.
Why communication of mission and core values to stakeholders is important
? Investors need to know how the organisation intends to make profits or fulfil some other ambition.
? Directors and other employees need to know the organisation’s purpose, and how it intends to add value and to compete.
? Customers may wish to know what the organisation promises.
? All stakeholders should want to know how the organisation intends to conduct its operations; the principles that guide its actions; its moral and ethical ‘compass’.

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