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Communicating core values and mission (二)

ACCA P3 考试:Communicating core values and mission (二)
The final line above introduces the concept of values or core values. Johnson, Scholes and Whittington define core values as ‘principles that guide an organisation’s actions’.
Remember, there is no standard format or list of contents for mission statements, and organisations are completely free to write their own. However, for most purposes, it is worth distinguishing between a mission statement and a slogan. Nike’s ‘Just do it’ is a powerful advertising slogan, but under most definitions does not qualify as a mission statement.
Here are several examples of mission statements and core values:
Tesco (a UK supermarket chain):
Our vision
To be the most highly valued by:
The customers we serve
Our core purpose is to create value for customers to earn their lifetime loyalty. This objective sits right at the heart of our business as one part of our Values – ‘No one tries harder for customers’.
The communities in which we operate
For Tesco to be considered a force for good, we must be a good neighbour and a responsible member of society.
Our loyal and committed staff
We know that if we look after our staff, they will look after our customers. Work can be a large part of our lives so our people deserve an employer who cares. That’s why one of our values is ‘Treat people how we like to be treated’. We are committed to providing opportunities for our people to get on and turn their jobs into careers, and across all of our markets we offer a wide range of competitive benefits.
Our shareholders
As the owners of the business, it’s crucial that our shareholders value Tesco highly. Shareholders want a good return on their investment and that’s what we will continue to deliver for them. … We offer sustainable, profitable growth from a combination of a strong core UK business and exposure to rapidly growing emerging markets.